Sunday, December 23, 2007

First post

So, I guess I'll start this out by saying this is my dorky homebrewing page. I'm going to be documenting my successes in the brewing of fermented libations, as well as the stunning failures to do that very same thing. The next couple of months/posts will be more focused on my attempts to start brewing all grain batches. Also, I will (with permission) be posting some choice quotes from my buddy Ed about brewing. He has been brewing for years and is wise in the ways of making yummy beer. I know this because we got totally punked on it once and I woke up the next day sandwiched on his living room floor between a lesbian and her dog (if you know Ed, this would not really strike you as all that odd).

The picture is from my first brewday. I was spooning the nasty hop pellet sludge out of my funnel. If I can help it, I will never use that god forsaken shit again. Only whole hops for me!

Thanks for reading!