Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saison Dunkel- A German Belgian

I don't drink Saison's very often, mainly because they're so damn expensive, but sometimes the expense is worth it. I had a Saison Dupont last night, and it just reminded me why I love the style so much. Peppery, spicy, and totally balanced. So good.

Today I brewed the second of two Saison's I will brew this year. I did a more classic version a few weeks ago, so today's was a darker brew. I read in Farmhouse Ales that some German's do some variations on the styel, so it seemed like a fun idea to do a darker incarnation that featured some German grains.

Saison Dunkel-

German Munich Malt- 3 lbs
Belgian Pilsner Malt- 3 lbs
Vienna Malt- 2 lbs
Special B- 8 ounces
CaraFoam- 8 ounces
Sauer Malt- 4 ounces

Fuggle- .75 oz- 60 minutes
Fuggle- 1.25 oz- 15 minutes

Yeast cake from Saison #1

148/165- hot water infusion with a decoction mash out

Gravity- Target/Actual/Final/ABV

I always go back to Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing when I'm putting together a recipe lately. One of the things he talks about is squeezing as much color from your base malt as possible. I had originally planned on using a dark Munich malt instead of a light, but this beer was still noticeably darker than the first one. The Special B is a classic Belgian Dubbel ingredient, so it seemed like the right roasted Malt to use as my other main color adjustment. The yeast does most of the work on this beer, so there's a very small amount of hops in relation to the gravity, but I think this will be a tasty brew.

I was putting together the list of beers I want to make in the next few months, and I've got some really fun things coming up. I will be harvesting some hops here pretty soon, which will go into my first Harvest Ale. I am planning on a Cocoa Porter using some Scharfenberger Cocoa Nibs as a bittering agent. I am also really excited about doing a Scotch Ale, which will employ a small bit of smokey malt. Good times!

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Señor Brew™ said...

Kevin, I've meant to ask you before, are you a member of CBS (Chicago Beer Society)? I ask because I am a member and was just at our annual picnic, and was hanging out with Randy Mosher (also a member) for a little while. It so happened that we were talking writing and ribs, not beer, but the point is, since you're in Chicago, if you're not already a member, you should join and talk to Randy about Saisons in person.